year: 1974

quantity: 1 (2 seats)
conservation status: really good

Particular and valuable sofa, supported by a structure in stylish mahogany, upholstered in fine leather with seat patinated by time.

Particolare e pregiato sofà, sorretto da impianto in pregiato legno di mogano, con seduta rivestita in fine pellame patinato dal tempo.

W: 150 cm H: 78 cm D: 80 cm

Brazilian Design
Percival Lafer took over his father’s furniture company that changed its name in Lafer MP, the initials MP meaning Moveis Patenteados, Portuguese for Patented Furniture. His motto, since day one, was innovation. Every design should reflect state-of-the-art technologies applied to innovative ideas. Contemporary designs intended for the mass market; every design should be different and original, therefore patented.